Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

In this Article I Shall write on Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Since I personally have attempted it inspection. Serious Mass is one of the very best mass gainers. You have to have come throughout the title Optimum Nutrition when you’ve spent any of your time in gym. ON is rated one of the very best supplements firm all around the world.The company has all of the products which have Proteins, Mass Gainers, BCAA’s, Creatine, Fish oils along with many others.

In this article I shall talk especially about On Serious Mass and can provide you my personal testimonials on the item.

According to the firm Serious Mass is filled with:

50g of Protein per serving of 334g: At each serving of Serious Mass you receive 50g of protein and creatine, glutamine and glutamic acid to get quicker recoveries.

1250 Calories per day: With every serving of Serious Mass you receive 1250 calories that is similar to 35 percent of total calories that you need in a day when you’ve got same body weight and height as me.

25 Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Not only is it rich in protein and carbohydrates but also has some excellent minerals and vitamins to help keep you focused on your fitness objectives.

Serious Mass Nutrition Facts


Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

Serious Mass was tried by me and discovered it to be an wonderful mass gainer. I’ve got the reviews for this:

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Taste 8/10: I’d attempted its Chocolate taste and found it to be amazing. The flavor was like you ate a few chocolate that is German. I can guarantee you that as soon as you try the chocolate taste you won’t purchase next time to any taste.

Effectiveness 9/10: I began the gainer Once I was around 58kgs. In a brief period of approximately 20 days I managed to obtain 4kgs. After finishing a purse of 12 pounds my weight was 62kgs. Thus according to me of buying mass, the role was fulfilled. If you’re currently eating a balanced diet with this gainer you’re definitely to get 4-6 kg together with the package.

Mixing 7/10: The only issue I had with Serious Mass Of mixing was. If you attempt it in a 14, the powder is hard to combine. It’d take you longer than a gainer would if you try mixing it. Since the experts of the item will outrun the advantages however, a con wouldn’t carry away my testimonials for the merchandise. Considering that the gainer is economical and effective that I wouldn’t look at this point.

Replies 8/10: As stated by me Intense Mass is a Gainer that everyone are able to afford. A bag that is 12lb prices around $45 that according to me may fit in the budget of everyone. Serious Mass are the best option among of the gainers if you compare the cost with its own effectiveness.

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I also have completed an overview of ON Pro Complex Gainer should you want to read.

Who Must Use Intense Mass

I suggest anyone Who’s Eager to lose weight and exercising should Utilize this item. Nowadays we don’t have the time to eat meals although the diet plan is the most significant part a fitness routine. Here comes the requirement of the gainer.

It’s possible to take this gainer at a shaker or container and then meet your calorie requirements on the move or about the office/college. Don’t depend on this merchandise as a mix of this gainer and diet helps to achieve weight.

How to Utilize Serious Mass

There are several approaches to take Serious Mass.. A Number of Them are composed on The product itself. You are able to take Serious Volume with milk or plain water.

The probable combinations of carrying this item could be:

  • 1 serving only after waking up, 1 serving only after exercise.
  • Half serving later waking up, 1 Serving afterwards exercise, half functioning before bed.
  • Half serving later waking up, 1 serving between meals, 1 serving following exercise.

As you can decide when to choose but There’s no compulsion After contemplating your diet program, this gainer. Do not rely on this particular gainer but use it to meet your requirement is filled by foods.

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Intense Mass Negative Effects

As I have found it there are no unwanted effects that are mass.
It can cause gas and bloating problems since the product includes a serving of 2 scoops of 167g every day.
Aside from these there aren’t any side effects Serious Mass should you eat within the presented servings.
Always ask your physician before taking any nutritional supplement.


Children should not take serious Mass under Age 18, Women that are pregnant or nursing mothers. This product isn’t meant to treat any disease.

Don’t use this in the event that you’re already taking any medications, or seek advice from your physician before using the product.

Drink lots of water since it’s necessary to flush the waste out.


This is the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review. So I’d Suggest anybody who’s prepared to acquire weight should get this product. It’s by far the best weight gainer. Try to search for the gainer on google and You’ll end up with Acute Volume at the top or at the 3. Also you Built exercise program that will assist you attain your desired physique. You can check out the Greatest Muscle Building Apps and Pick the Best one for you.

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